FUE Method For Hair Transplantation In Mumbai


FUE & FUT – The 2 Most Effective Hair Transplant Procedures!

Everybody gets extremely worried when hair fall starts. It doesn’t just reduce hair density on the head, and it additionally brings down the level of an individual’s confidence, while driving the person towards stress and depression.

Now, the question arises that what could be done to stop this male pattern baldness and re-establish your hair development?

The choices are numerous, for example, medicines, creams, oils, Mesotherapy, PRP therapy and of course transplant surgeries. But, what you would require depends absolutely on your current situation.

For example, if you’re confronting hair fall due to changes in season, then it’s just a temporary stage. A decent care and oils or creams may offer assistance. You can even visit a specialist and begin taking a few medicines which may recharge your body with the right supplements required for the hair development. Inside a couple of weeks, your male pattern baldness will stop and new hair will begin to develop. However, this may not deliver positive outcomes in every case.

The highly advanced technology in this era is now offering transplant methods that are minimally invasive, for example, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Both of these surgical treatments work effectively for individuals who wish to end their baldness. Let’s discuss the two primary techniques for hair transplantation: FUE and FUT.

  • FUE:

Follicular Unit Extraction, which is commonly known as FUE are a method in which hair follicles are separated exclusively from the back of your head, modified under a powerful microscope and transplanted independently on the region where baldness is present. Small incisions are created in the donor and recipient area after the patient is given certain anaesthetic solution by the doctor, and then this anaesthesia deals with any pain or uneasiness a patient might confront.

 fue hair transplant

As there are no scars or injuries here, the recovery is quite speedy. Apart from transplantation of hair, FUE is an excellent method for treatments like eyebrow restoration, eyelash transplants, moustache transplants, sideburn restoration and goatee transplants. This is because the number of grafts required in FUE is quite low.

  • FUT:

Follicular unit transplantation, which is commonly known as FUT is a treatment in which a long, thin portion of tissues is taken from the back of the patient’s head. These tissues are set in a chemical solution, and then grafts are created by utilising a powerful microscope. The grafts are created in units and then transplanted to accomplish full density. FUT is a quicker method in which a huge number of grafts can be transplanted in one session. So, it works exceptionally well for scalp transplant and facial hair transplant.

Thousands of people have achieved effective results through transplantation. You can be one of them. Hair Transplant in Muscat results are best accomplished when the treatment is performed by a specialist who has all the knowledge and experience required.


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Chetana Gosrani
Chetana Gosrani
12:58 25 Dec 18
I have my hair fall treatment going on here at Revive Clinic, Results are very good, I'm very happy with the services and the Staff are very helpful and supportive and polite. Thank you Revive Clinic.
Evan Amin
Evan Amin
02:56 10 Dec 18
Dr. Sumit and his team is very professional. I have had a very good experience from the start to finish. He gives honest opinions and will walk you through the entire process in detail. Always available for any question and acts quickly. The entire procedure was done within a day and everything happened according to the plan. I am really happy with the overall experience. Now it’s just a waiting game to see the results. I would definitely recommend him and his clinic. Kudos to the Dr. and his team for being so awesome. Thanks!
Abhimanyu Saxena
Abhimanyu Saxena
07:27 03 Dec 18
My experience with harley clinic and Dr. Sumit Agarwal for FUE hair transplant treatment has been good and fruitful. Results are as per consultation. Highly recommend this place if you are seeking hair transplant.
Dharmender Yadav
Dharmender Yadav
11:33 02 Dec 18
I would like to summarise experience in three lines : 💯 percent sucess Safe and hygienic process at clinic Amazing post transplant consultation
Ratan Patel
Ratan Patel
01:58 25 Oct 18
Excellent service, Dr. Agarwal and their team are amazing and made the entire procedure comfortable, they would make sure that patient is comfortable and would provide guidance on each and every step they will take next. Highly recommended.
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