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Ten reasons for Hair transplant

  • Natural Hair
  • Permanent Hair Growth
  • Definite results
  • Increase Density
  • Safe done in Local Anesthesia
  • Convenient Day care Procedure
  • Pain free
  • Quick Recovery
  • Affordable
  • Restore Your Youth & Confidence
  • Mid Frontal Point & Apex
  • Locating the Mid Frontal Point & Apex. The MFP is normally located 7-11cm vertically from Mid Glabella.
  • Frontal Hair Line
  • Micro irregularities of Frontal Hair Line. Clusters, gaps & Random single hairs are the most commonly used designs for the transition zone, allowing the hair line to have a soft appearance yet avoiding an abrupt hairline.

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Robotic FUE/ ARTAS

Robotic FUE/ ARTAS Hair Transplant

A whole new level of accuracy and precision is brought by the ARTAS Robotic hair transplant procedure. Every graft is extracted by the robot technology which is fully under the control of the best hair transplant surgeon in India. These grafts are then transplanted individually, providing the most natural looking results.

ARTAS Robotic hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure. It also has no stitches, minimal downtime, and no linear scarring.

Harleys Hair transplant Clinic in Mumbai, India offers ARTAS Robotic hair transplant procedure that can give you the most natural looking hair. You’ll be surprised to know that this technology is ‘Not available in any of the clinic in India.’

ARTAS Robotic hair transplant technology enables the best hair transplant surgeon in India to perform FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with unparalleled precision and speed.


How the Robotic FUE/ ARTAS Works

Local anaesthesia is given to patient in the area that’s meant to be harvested. Patient sits in a robotic chair, and the surgeon applies a small device at the back of the scalp. The robotic arm comes to the donor area automatically. The system then scans the surface to extract a follicular unit. Once the robot sets a follicular unit for removal, the robotic machines punches the skin around the follicular unit and extracts it from the surrounding tissue.

When punches on the area are completed, then the surgeons manually remove the grafts from the scalp. This continues until enough grafts are harvested for the transplant. ARTAS Robotic hair transplant technology is used to create recipient sites according to exact specifications programmed by the surgeon.

In the FUE hair restoration field, ARTAS Robotic hair transplant procedure is considered as the most remarkable technical advancement.

Advantages Of Robotic FUE/ ARTAS Over Manual Procedures

  • Accuracy of graft harvesting is enhanced
  • Harvesting time is decreased
  • Survival chances of harvested follicular units are high
  • Reduces chances of wounding in graft harvesting
  • Accuracy in creating recipient sites is improved
  • While creating recipient site, it prevents damage to the existing hairs.

The FUE Method

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Possible Sequelae of Hair Transplant:


  • Swelling
  • Skin Cysts
  • Bruising
  • Temporary Headache
  • Mild Shocking (Shedding) of existing hair
  • Scarring around the Grafts
  • Temporary Numbness on the Part of the hair
  • Minor and trivial side-effects like itching
  • Delayed growth of grafts
  • Nausea and Vomiting due to Medication
  • Delayed recovery in patients who do smoking, or consume alcohol

Top Ten reasons for Getting Robotic FUE/ ARTAS Hair transplant

  • Hair will look so natural that it would be almost impossible to tell if you had a surgery or not.
  • Hair growth will be permanent
  • Definite results will be delivered
  • Density will be increase at a high rate
  • Safely performed under local anaesthesia
  • Pain and discomfort free
  • Quick recovery time
  • Cost of Hair Transplant in India is quite affordable
  • Robotic FUE/ ARTAS Hair transplant will restore your youth & confidence.

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