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Simple Diet Schedule

Simple Diet Schedule necessity for hair growth
  • Omega 3 acid is a necessity for hair growth. Do make up for this deficiency a glass of water with flaxseeds (alsi) on an empty stomach is recommended.
  • An amla a day keeps hair problems away. Start your day with an amla. Amla is already a proved remedy for hair problems, that’s why it is used in most hair care products for women.
  • Soak 5 almonds every night in water and eat them with their skin on.
  • The scalp requires a lot of cooling. That’s why it’s almost compulsory to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Also fluids like buttermilk, lime juice and coconut water should be consumed.
  • Your hair is essentially protein. Therefore chicken and eggs should be had on the daily basis.
  • Coffee and tea should be really controlled.
  • A teaspoon in the last rinse while washing your hair will give your hair that much desired luster while protecting it from dandruff
  • Milk’s benefits are countless, that is why you should drink at least two cups of skimmed milk a day.
  • Apply a paste of methi seeds on your scalp for half an hour once every week, and drink methi water on empty stomachs.
  • Fruits, fruits, fruits it is very important. You should eat at least 2-3 fruits a day like strawberries, bananas, apples, mangoes, chikoos, and grapes.
  • Go green- eat is the mantra of the modern era and it shouldn’t stop with food either, greens like spinach, cabbage, lettuce, peas etc contain a lot of iron that is needed to strengthen your hair.
  • White meat can do wonders for your hair. Fish, Chicken, eggs are great for your hair, but you should try and avoid red meat.

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HAIR LOSS Treatment

Hairs at the right place are an asset that enhances the look of the person. A head full of hair is a sign of Youth, Success & Beauty.

Although Hair loss is a natural process, but some who loose it early in life, get a premature sense of ageing. Hair restoration is a complex & long term treatment which should be done under supervision of an qualified & experienced Hair restoration physician. It involves both medications &/or surgery which has to be individualized as per the cause of hair loss. Medications help by slowing down/ halting hair loss. They may also stimulate some hair growth. Hair transplant is a delicate and lengthy surgical procedure. The aim of this procedure is to regain the lost looks by re-growing hair at places where hair loss has occurred. Hair transplant is a Cosmetic procedure done to restore the lost hair & lift the looks of the person.


Hair loss is mainly caused by a combination of ageing, change in hormones and family history (genetic) of baldness. Other reasons which may add on are:

  • Improper diet, lack of Vitamins & micronutrients.
  • Excess Stress , Anxiety & worries.
  • Prolonged illnesses.
  • Unclean Scalps.
  • Correction of hair loss requires an individualized approach. Long term management needs consideration of Age, Sex, Cause & Pattern of Hair loss, Grade of hair loss & most important Expectations of patient.
  • An effective hair loss treatment product will help you stop the process of hair loss, but it will also help you re-grow some of that lost hair.
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