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   Ten reasons for Hair transplant

  • Natural Hair
  • Permanent Hair Growth
  • Definite results
  • Increase Density
  • Safe done in Local Anesthesia
  • Convenient Day care Procedure
  • Pain free
  • Quick Recovery
  • Affordable
  • Restore Your Youth & Confidence
    • Mid Frontal Point & Apex
    • Locating the Mid Frontal Point & Apex. The MFP is normally located 7-11cm vertically from Mid Glabella.
  • Frontal Hair Line
  • Micro irregularities of Frontal Hair Line. Clusters, gaps & Random single hairs are the most commonly used designs for the transition zone, allowing the hair line to have a soft appearance yet avoiding an abrupt hairline.

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FUT / Strip

FUT / Strip

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), also known as Strip Harvest has been the most preferred contemporary procedure for the best hair transplant in India. FUT allows extraction and application of many follicular units with minimal traumatic damage (transection) to the grafts. It additionally allows extraction from the most permanent donor area zone.

After the strip is extracted, patients will get a narrow linear scar on that area. This scar will be hardly visible and can be easily covered by the surrounding hair. Utilising the latest FUT hair transplant method, surgeons at Harleys will optimise the appearance of the scar.

The entire procedure of strip extraction will take around 15 to 30 minutes. You’ll be given a mild oral or injectable sedative, trimming is done at the area where hair will be collected. After the strip is collected the individual grafts are readied utilising microscopes to guarantee every natural hair graft is securely and accurately extracted to get maximum hair development. Remember, cost of hair transplant in India is very reasonable.



  • After consultation with the surgeon about your balding and the treatment alternatives available, the session time and date are fixed.
  • Before FUT hair transplant method, you will be given local anaesthesia in both the donor and receiving zones.
  • The pain you feel for a couple of minutes while being given the anaesthesia is the only sensation you’ll feel throughout your treatment.
  • A thin strip of scalp which has healthy sound hair is extracted with the help of high magnification.
  • The strip is then divided into separate follicular unit grafts and each measuring roughly 1mm in width.
  • The unions are mixed among the balding or thinning regions in such a way as to match all the natural developing characteristics of your original hair.


  • Bandage will be removed next day of the surgery.
  • For the first week, the surgeon will ask you to sleep on back with your head elevated on pillows.
  • To prevent any pain or discomfort, medications are recommended. Always follow the surgeon’s guidelines while taking medications.
  • Contact the surgeon if you have any concern or issues related to the surgery.
  • Follow Post-Operative Instructions properly.

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Possible Sequelae of Hair Transplant:

  1. Swelling – Swelling may occasionally occur above the forehead, eyelids, and upper nose in some patients when transplants are placed in the front part of the scalp. Cool compressors and sitting postures are helpful. Such conditions may last about 1 to 3 days.
  2. Skin Cysts – If they occur, they are simply treated with hot packs.
  3. Mild Shocking ( Shedding) of existing hair – When there is a “Weak” existing hair in the areas of the scalp that is transplanted, occasionally the transplant procedure can have this mild “Shock Like” effect on those hairs, causing the “To Drop Out “ for 3 months after which they are grown back this effect , in general, is noticed in about one in ten patients, and is usually not an issue after the first session has grown in, since then there is a strong dominant hair over the area. If a particular hair that is “Shocked” was on its last life cycles, then it may drop out permanently.
  4. Temporary Numbness on the Part of the Hair – It is common for some portion of the top – rear area of the scalp to be partly numb for a few weeks after the surgery. It then gradually returns almost all the way back to normal during the next few months.
  5. Minor and Trivial Side Effects – Itching in the area of the new Grafts or along the donor scar occasionally may occur.


Other rare possible Complications:

  • Nausea and Vomiting from Pain Medication
  • Temporary Headache
  • Scarring around the Grafts.
  • Occasional small – ingrown hairs – causing a cyst
  • Bruising
  • Delayed/ Poor growth of Grafts
  • Patient who smoke have a higher rate of delayed wound healing and lower graft heal. Smoking is not recommended for two to three weeks prior to and following the procedure.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose FUT / Strip Hair Transplant Surgeries

  • FUT / Strip hair transplant is safe
  • Faster recovery time
  • Hair transplants are pain free procedure
  • FUT / Strip Hair transplants produce permanent results
  • Hair transplants have no side effects
  • Hair transplants get you rewarding job
  • Hair transplants give you natural looking hair
  • Hair transplants eliminate social stigma
  • FUT / Strip hair transplants are affordable
  • Say goodbye to harmful medications

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