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Who Qualifies For Hair Transplant?

Many people often ask “who qualifies for hair transplant?” There are different things that make a person eligible for hair transplant treatment.


Let’s take a look at things that make you eligible for hair transplant.


  • Age Of The Patient


Actually a man can have hair restoration surgery at any age, but there are a few precautionary measures that must be taken for youngsters who are hoping to re-establish their hairline. Young people have immature or underdeveloped baldness, which implies that their baldness will keep on progressing as they age.

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By getting hair transplant too soon, you may need numerous surgeries in the future to keep up the natural looking outcomes as the baldness keeps on advancing as the time passes by. Patients who have crossed the age of 30 years are the best & most qualified candidates for the restoration surgery as their balding problem has settled and the transplant will remain normal looking for many decades.


  • Health Conditions Of The Patient


A person must first be healthy enough to undergo a medical treatment and have a healthy immune system, before even thinking about any kind of surgical procedure. Major medical conditions need to be dealt with before the surgery to lessen the danger of any complications. If you’re suffering from any health condition like diabetes or consuming any medications like blood thinners that may unfavourably influence the outcomes, make sure to talk about your medical history with hair transplant surgeon, so that a customised treatment plan can be made for you.


  • Lifestyle Of The Patient


You’ll feel a lot better, if you make healthy choices such as consuming a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and staying away from stress. These are key factors in ensuring the success of a transplant as well. Your immune system is boosted, if you make healthy choices, which mean quick recovery time, less swelling, and a lower risk of infection. You can keep your body in an excellent condition by staying hydrated, having a healthy diet, and enough sleep every night.


  • Hair Loss Classification


Another critical factor for transplant qualification is the level or severity of the baldness, or the amount of donor hair for transplant to the balding area of the head. With the most serious balding classifications, the availability of donor hair will decide the expected outcomes from hair transplant in India.


  • Commitment Or Sense Of Responsibility To Aftercare


Patient’s commitment towards the aftercare instruction given by the doctor is a crucial factor, which will affect the success rate of transplant outcomes. By simply following the aftercare instructions, you can cut down infection risk, reduce recovery time, and reduce any discomfort to minimum. After your head gets complete recovery, in a few months you can enjoy the hair transplant results.


Saturday, June 10, 2017


Harleys Clinic is the leading cosmetic surgery clinic and the best place to have natural hair transplant. Being the best also puts a great responsibility on our shoulders to provide customer care and satisfaction. Based out of Mumbai, we have patients coming from India, US, UK, Australia, Middle East, Africa and other Countries. We don’t call ourselves best Cosmetic surgery centre but our customers have given this reputation to us.
At Harleys, we use FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant technique, which is the most natural and successful method of hair restoration. FUE Hair transplant is useful to solve the problems related to hair loss on temples, receding hairline, bald spot on top of head, and scars.
FUE method involves transplanting microscopic grafts of hair follicles from the donor area where there is high density of hair to the recipient area where there is a shortage of hair. In cases of male pattern baldness, the donor area is the back of the head and the recipient area the front of the head. The treatment is minimum invasive compared to older methods.
The procedure: A local anaesthetic is applied to the required areas with a special instrument. Some Anxiolytic is given before the treatment. Each follicular unit is individually taken directly from the scalp with no strip of tissue being removed. Hair follicles are removed in a random fashion and the result is less density in the donor area that many say is not even noticeable. Since follicles are removed one at a time, FUE takes more time compared to the traditional FUT method. FUE is constantly evolving and what was once utilized for only smaller cases is now being utilized for larger and larger cases. Some people that prefer the FUE method may have the option of splitting their procedure into two days in order to complete their recommended transplantation goals. The grafts are placed in a special solution, which protects them against external influences and contains substances that will support the implantation and healing of the grafts. The size of the grafts is 0.75 mm or 0.65mm (depending on hair thickness).
Tiny implantation openings, normally 0.65 mm, are made in the recipient area with a similar special needle that has the same shape as the grafts. The grafts are implanted and fit perfectly into the openings.
Duration of treatment: Treatment up to 1,000 grafts may take 3-6 hours. Treatment of more than 1,000 grafts will normally be done over 2 or 3 days.
Watch our video Harleys Clinic – How Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure is performed.

# No linear scar.
# The patient will be able to wear his hair much shorter than with a strip harvest.
# The donor area of the head must be completely shaved for the procedure.
# Scars that appear as “tiny dots” are visible if the hair is completely shaved.
Recovery: The treated area may have slight swelling for a couple of days. Scabs may form and fall off within 2 weeks. The skin of the recipient area is mostly healed within 2 weeks. Some or all (average 50%) of hairs in the transplanted grafts drop out in 2-8 weeks. New hair growth occurs from 2-3 months. Final results after around 6 months, after some substantial hair growth. Post-treatment consultation with the doctor is not necessary but is possible at any time in person or by email and phone. The skin of the donor area is healed within 2 weeks. The hair of the donor area is cut short at the treatment, so the area may be visible for some time depending on the length of the hair.
Watch Harleys Clinic – Hair Transplant Review from International Patient.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What’s The Ideal Age For Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgeons are repeatedly asked two questions:

1) What’s the Golden Age of getting a hair transplant treatment?

2) Am I too young for a hair transplant?


Well, in reality there’s no such age to get a hair transplant surgery! However, there might be a few risks related with getting a restoration surgery when a patient is too young (late teenage or early 20S).


It’ quite unfortunate to know that some young men in their early 20s (some even in their late teenage years) have to face baldness problem due to genes and Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).

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Most of these young men want instant results and wish to look good immediately. They often fail to realize that a surgery at such a young age might leave them looking strange or scarred as their age progresses.


Obviously, we all think about our hair and appearance even after surpassing our forties. It is normal for top hair transplant surgeons in India to perform hair restoration surgery for men in their sixties, and even seventies.


That’s the reason it’s essential that hair specialists should be ethical and responsible, and can help & guide patients when their own tensions make them unable to settle on a safe decision for themselves.


The issue with getting restoration surgery under the age of 25 years is that male pattern baldness is still active and in progression. Also, the there’s a limited supply of the donor hair that is used in the surgery. This is a major problem for young individual who lose hair early, since there’s a strong possibility that they’ll be facing an extensive hair loss in near future.


The 20s is quite a crucial decade for people as they make relationships, search for jobs, and try to make a place for themselves in this competitive and cruel world. This makes them quite vulnerable as well. Having the additional stress of baldness at such a young age is unimaginably troubling and it is nothing unexpected that these patients search for any type of treatment that offers results.


By and large, individuals who are exceptionally stressed and bothered by their baldness at such a young age often request for a low, solid, straight hairline. They’re often inspired by the hairstyles of celebs and sports persons. These hairstyles might look good for 1 or 2 years, but as hair loss rate increases, they will look unnatural and stupid.


Young people who are facing baldness problem should wait for the time when the MPB problem is over, and then comes the right time when they should get a hair transplant in India. Imagine a young person in his 20S, who’s facing hair loss problem and he opts for transplant surgery before the hair fall problem isn’t over, then for 1 or 2 years his hair will good after the surgery, but as time progresses the hairline will recede and the whole transplant will appear ridiculous.


At Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic, we take all the necessary steps and give advice to young patients to protect them from making rash decisions that might end up causing them far more distress in their life later.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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