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quote-firstHairs at the right place are an asset that enhances the look of the person. A head full of hair is a sign of Youth, Success and Beauty. Discover more at Harleys, the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, India. We do provide services in Dubai and Muscat too. quote-last

Although Hair loss is a natural process, but some who lose it early in life, get a premature sense of ageing. Hair transplant or restoration is a complex and long term treatment which should be done under supervision of an experienced Hair transplantation surgeon or hair restoration surgeon. It involves both medications &/or hair transplantation surgery which has to be individualized as per the cause of hair loss. With medication hair transplant Doctors help in slowing down/ halting hair loss. A proper medication by a qualified Hair transplant Doctor may also stimulate some hair growth.

Hair transplant

is a delicate and lengthy surgical procedure. The aim of Doctors by this procedure is to regain the lost looks by re-growing hair at places where hair loss has occurred.

Hair transplantation

is a Cosmetic procedure done to restore the lost hair & lift the looks of the person, according to Doctors Hair loss is mainly caused by a combination of ageing, change in hormones and family history (genetic) of baldness. Other reasons which Doctors consider can add on to hair loss are:

  • Improper diet, lack of Vitamins & micronutrients
  • Excess Stress, Anxiety & worries
  • Prolonged illnesses
  • Unclean Scalps

Correction of hair loss requires an individualized approach. Long term management needs consideration of Age, Gender, Cause & Pattern of Hair loss, Grade of hair loss & most important Expectations of patient. A cost effective hair loss surgery by an experienced hair transplantation Doctor will help you stop the process of hair loss, and it will also help you re-grow some of that lost hair. Consult

Harleys clinic with the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai

, Dr Sumit Agrawal.

BioFUE - Cyclical Hair Implant

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best hair transplant clinic in india

The only clinic in India using HYPOTHERMOSOL FRS   as preservation media for the Grafts in Hair Transplant .   It Increases the Graft Survival significantly. It's being regularly used in most of Top Clinics in USA.

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Doctor’s Profile

best hair transplant surgeon in mumbai
  • Dr Sumit Agrawal
  • MS, MCh, MRCS(UK), Clinical
  • Fellowship in Plastic Surgery (USA)
  • Specialist Plastic Surgeon (DUBAI)
  • Consultant Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chembur



Awarded by Indian Medical Association (IMA) Secretary Dr KK Agrawal

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  • Dr Agrawal is Internationally Qualified & Experienced Plastic Surgeon in India
  • Has Successfully done more than 1000 Hair Transplant
  • Expertise in both FUT/Strip & FUE technique
  • All Transplants are done by Dr Agrawal and his Team
  • Results of International standards at Indian prices
  • One stop clinic for all Hair restoration Procedures

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